Enjoy the holy grail of craft beer.

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Devils Brewery

Not another F#&&!! Pale Ale

5% Pale Ale

A true Tasmanian Pale Ale packed full of Bushy Park hops. Galaxy and Cascade are used throughout the Boil and as a dry hop addition. A F#&%!! great session ale.

Sour Moll

8% Rum Cask Aged Smoked Porter

Our award winning Smokey Moll (Smoked Porter) has been ‘open’ aged for 6 months in a Lark Distillery Rum Oak Cask
A specially prepared beer for a special occasion.
The result is a beautifully refined combination of smoke, molasses and wonderful rich notes from the Rum Oak Cask with a a subtle sour finish.


Lost Pippin Cider

The Randall

4.9% Glorified lolly water!

Cherry, Apple, bad humour from the bar staff (bad characters).
Our sparkling cider infused onsite with fresh Tasmanian cherries.

Raw Scrumpy

8% Scrumpy with a Tasmanian twist

Full bodied and no subtle.
Bourbon and Port wood aged scrumpy served straight from the barrel.


Hobart Brewing Co.

Tasmanian India Pale Lager

6% Tas India Pale Lager

Crisp yet fruity pale lager.
A Tasmanian hopped Lager; fruit on the nose and firm bitterness cut with the crispness that comes from lagering this beer.


Ironhouse Brewery/ Distillery

SBF 50+ – Summer Beer Factor


Our New Summer Beer Factor 50+ is our new released beer for those summer days by the pool or bbq. A nice fruit punch and a session- able 4% you will find the biggest burden with this beer will bekeeping enough cold.

The Moscow Mule Cocktail

Our Moscow mule is one for all gingers of the world and the other minority groups. A ginger beer infused with our very own vodka with a mint twist is certainly not to be ignored.


Bruny Island Beer Co.

Farm Ale

4.5% Tasmanian Ale

Farm Ale is a unique beer made entirely with Tasmanian barley, wheat, oats, hops and water. Our flagship session ale is pale golden and naturally hazy, with its citrus and tropical fruit hop character balanced by a subtle tartness from the raw wheat and refreshing hop bitterness.

Cloudy Bay IPA

6.6% Tasmanian IPA

Cloudy IPA made from all-Tasmanian malted barley, Bruny Island wheat and Bushy Park hops. This strong ale blends all six proprietary strains of hop developed by Hop Products Australia’s breeding program that are grown at Bushy Park Estates in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley.


Coal Valley Cider

Raspberry & Apple Cider

4.5% New world

Freshly crushed fruits
A new addition to our extensive range, Raspberry & Apple cider made with fresh Tasmanian raspberries. Limited amount available so get in fast!


T-Bone Brewing Co.

Watermelon Wheat

4.5% Wheat Beer

Watermelon/ fruit
A clean wheat beer base with a truckload of freshly pressed watermelon juice added for secondary fermentation. A light-coloured, refreshing beer with complementary hits of watermelon aroma and flavour.

Festival Lager

5.6% Festbier

Pale/malty European lager
German inspired festbier. A pale lager with a smooth, clean, moderately strong malty flavour and a light hop character. Tettnang hops.


Australian Beer Co

Pressman’s 100% Apple Cider

4.5% Apple Cider

Clean, Crisp and refreshing.
Real Aussie apples deliver the crisp fresh taste you deserve in and Australian Apple cider. It tastes like apples because Pressman’s only use 100% Aussie apples from Victoria’s Goulburn Valley. Supporting local growers.

Yenda Australian Pale Ale

4.5% Australian Pale Ale

Subtle hoppy bitterness, with full bodied malt flavour.
Subtle hoppy bitterness, with full-bodied malt flavour 100% locally sourced Yenda barley. This Pale Ale is Australian in style to highlight the malt, with a pronounced floral and tropical aroma from new world hops. Delivering a refreshing clean finish.


Captain Bligh’s

Wee Heavy

9% Strong Scotch Ale

Dark Ale, Whisky notes with balance malt character.
Strong Scotch Ale, single batch brewed yearly with the God Father of Whisky Bill Lark . Aged in Lark Whisky Barrels.


Fox Friday Craft Brewery

Prototype No 1 – Belgian IPA

5.9% Belgian IPA

Spice/ Fruit/ Belgian
A beer which surprises and evolves as you drink, the Belgian IPA blends a smooth and full malt body expected of a traditional IPA with flavours and aromas of spice, vanilla and man- darin. Belgian yeast adds hints of bubble-gum, fruitiness and complex layers to this brew that continue to develop as you enjoy this beer.

Prototype 2 – NZA IPA

6.4% New Zealand / American IPA

Citrus/ Stone Fruit
Strongly influenced by NZ and US hop varieties the Fox Friday NZA IPA balances a rich malt body, hints of caramel and biscuit with hop layers that celebrate flavours of the whole orchard. Orange marmalade and tropical fruit characters bring this beer to life with a smooth well rounded finish.


Cricketers Arms

Keepers Lager

4.6% Lager

Intirging Citrus characteristics in aroma and flavour.

Scorcher Summer Ale

4.6% Golden Ale

Adding three speciaity malts and double hop using a combination of Galaxy and signature hop Amarillo, to deliver a non filtered Cloudy Ale with citrus and trople aromas. The perfect way to handle any scorcher.

Spearhead Ale

5.2% ABV Pale Ale

Distinctive topcial finish. Subtle citrus character.


Mountain Goat

Rare Breed Pulped Fiction Blood Orange IPA

7.8% Double IPA

Juicy with aggressive hop bitterness and a slightly sweet finish
Our limited release only available over this summer. A double IPA with fresh blood oranges and loads and loads of Citra and Mosiac hops. IBU 80.

Organic Steam Ale

4.5% Californian Common

Crisp, clean, fruity and tropical.
Our certified organic Steam Ale is a brilliant introduction to the world of craft beer or for those seeking a sessionable beer that is crisp, fresh and refreshing.


Church Hill Brewery

Crusader IPA

5.8% IPA

Big hoppy flavours but still remains sessionable.
A combination of Tasmanian grown hops and American have been used to create a beer that delivers delicious passionfruit, pine and tropical fruit flavours. A healthy dose of crystal malt ensures the beer remains balanced and sessionable.

Pilgrim Pale Ale

5% Pale Ale

A sessionable yet flavoursome Pale Ale that derives much of its character from locally grown hops.
The road of the Pilgrim can be an arduous one but nothing a good lashing of Tasmanian grown hops will not overcome. Used here late in the kettle and at the dry hopping stage they showcase the lovely flavours of these locally grown hops. Balance on the road is key though so a good serving of munich and crystal malts have been used to provide this balance.

Road to Redemption Red Ale

4.8% Red Ale

Biscuity malt, toffee and dark fruit.
A combination of different specialty malts create the back bone for this beer and deliver some lovely biscuity malt flavours with hints of toffee and dark fruit. A healthy dose of locally grown hops complement these flavours and provide the balance for this malt driven beer.


Bavarian Bier

Franziskanner Hefe Weisse Hell

5% weissebier

Original fresh wheat bier taste. A natural and elegant weissebier, pours a hazy orange colour with a lush white foam head.
The copper golden wheat bier unfolds with an aromatic fragrance and harmonious banana and citrus fruits and clove. Very smooth.

Hacker Pschorr Dunkel Lager

5% Dark Lager

Shimmering dark brown glorious bier, full bodied flavour with a slight hint of caramel, nut and candied fruit. A slightly sweet roasted malt note harmoniously rounds off the delicate bitterness of the hops.
The colour comes from the roasting of the barley malts, aged in the deepest levels of the hacker Pschorr brewery, it develops its unique taste in peace and quiet. Great Bier.


Pirate Life

Speical Release White Labs Pilsner

5% Pilsner

The Mighty Pilsner. A true Brewers beer.
Pilsners are higher hopped and with a touch more bitterness than your run of the mill, industrial brewed Lager. A stone fruity, citriusy, slightly tropical hop presence, balanced with a full, yet, crisp finish. Perfect for a cracker of a Summer!

Pale Ale

5.4% West Coast Pale Ale

The brief we gave ourselves for our flagship beer was that it should be able to be sent to any bar in San Diego and to stand proudly alongside the many great Pales produced in, and around, the west coast of the US.